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XEmacs Tutorial

Author(s): Ohio State University Press  
Publisher: Ohio State University Press  
Edition: 1  

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Unix Text Processing (Hayden Books UNIX library system)

Book Description

The book XEmacs is a powerful, customizable text editor and development environment. These in turn were inspired by the first Emacs, a package called EMACS, Guy Steele, and Dave Moon. This was a merger of TECMAC and TMACS, a pair of "TECO-macro realtime editors" written by Guy Steele, Dave Moon, Richard Greenblatt, Charles Frankston, et al., and added a dynamic loader and Meta-key cmds. It ran under ITS (the Incompatible Timesharing System) on a DEC PDP 10 and under TWENEX on a Tops-20 and was written in TECO and PDP 10 assembly. ITS was one of the first time-sharing operating systems and dates back well before Unix. ITS, TECO, and Emacs were products of a group of people at MIT who called themselves "hackers", who shared an idealistic belief system about the free exchange of information and were fanatical in their devotion to and time spent with computers.

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