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The Little Book of Semaphores

Author(s): Allen B. Downey  
Publisher: Green Tea Press  
Edition: 2  

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The Little Book of SEMAPHORES (2nd Edition): The Ins and Outs of Concurrency Control and Common Mistakes

Book Description

This is a small book of semaphores which is a textbook that offers the principles of synchronization for concurrent programming. In computer science curricula, synchronization is one type of module in an Operating Systems class. OS textbooks offer a standard set of problems with a standard set of solutions, but some students don't get a good understanding of the material or the ability to solve similar problems. The access of this book is to identify patterns that are useful for a variety of synchronization problems and then show how they can be assembled into solutions. After each problem, the book shows a hint before showing a solution, giving students a better chance of discovering solutions on their own. The book covers the classical problems, including "Readers-writers," "Producer-consumer", and "Dining Philosophers." In addition, it collects a number of not-so-classical problems. Book Code 500 This book gives a complete tutorial introduction to the GNU C and C++ compilers, gcc and g++. Many books can teach the C and C++ languages, but this book teaches you how to use the compiler itself. All the common problems and error messages encountered by new users of GCC are carefully explained, with numerous easy-to-follow "Hello World" examples. Topics include: compiling C and C++ programs using header files and libraries, warning options, use of the preprocessor, static and dynamic linking, debugging, optimization, platform-specific options, profiling and coverage testing, paths and environment variables, and the C++ standard library and templates. Features a special foreword by Richard M. Stallman, principal developer of GCC and founder of the GNU Project.

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