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Running Linux

Author(s): Matt Welsh, Matthias Kalle Dalheimer, and Lar Kaufman  
Publisher: O'Reilly  
Edition: 3  

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Running Linux

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Book Description

This is the fifth edition on which Linux Running, this is the book you'll want on hand. It is widely accepted in the Linux community as it is the ultimate getting-started as well problem-solving book, it answers all the questions and tackles the configuration issues that sometimes plague users, but are rarely described in other books. This fifth edition of Running Linux is enormously explained, reflecting the ability of the operating system and the filled wealth of software available for it. Consumer topics such as audio and video playback applications, and spam filtering are covered that always made the book popular. Running Linux covers basic communications such as mail, web surfing, and instant messaging, but also delves into the subtleties of network configuration--including dial-up, ADSL, and cable modems--in case you need to set up your network manually. The book canmake you proficient on office suites and personal productivity applications--and also tells you what programming tools are available if you're interested in contributing to these applications.

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