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A Heat Transfer Textbook

Author(s): John H. Lienhard IV, John H. Lienhard V  
Publisher: Phlogiston Press  
Edition: 3  

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A Heat Transfer Textbook: Fourth Edition (Dover Civil and Mechanical Engineering)

Book Description

People know that something is flowing from hot objects to cold objects. We call it heat flow. Scientists in the early centuries thought that each and every body contains invisible fluids which is called as caloric. The caloric was appointed with a variety of properties. Some of them proved as illogical to nature. But it has a most important feature that it flows from hot bodies to cold bodies. It was a very useful way to think about the heat. The flow of heat is very common. Heat is flowing continually from anyone's bloodstream to the air. The warm air drifts off from anyone's body to warm the room in which anyone live. Three introductory chapters form a mini-course in heat transfer, covering all of the subjects discussed in detail in subsequent chapters. This unique and effective feature introduces heat exchangers early in the development, rather than at the end. The authors also present a novel and simplified method for dimensional analysis, and they capitalize on the similarity of natural convection and film condensation to develop these two topics in a parallel manner. Worked examples and end-of-chapter exercises appear throughout the book, along with well-drawn, illuminating figures.

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