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# Book Name Book Author(s) Book Publisher
61 Fundamentals of Wireless Communication David Tse and Pramod Viswanath Cambridge University Press
62 Wireless Networking in the Developing World Wireless Networking Authors
63 Antenna System Guide W.A. Kissick, W.J. Ingram, J.M. Vanderau, R.D. Jennings Institute for Telecommunication Sciences
64 Radio Receivers Miomir Filipovic Mikro Elektronika
65 RFID Essentials Bill Glover and Himanshu Bhatt O'Reilly
66 RFID: An Introduction Simon Holloway Microsoft
67 Introduction to CDMA Michael Hendry Freeware
68 Analog and Mixed-Signal Modeling Using the VHDL-AMS Language Ernst Christen, Kenneth Bakalar, Allen M. Dewey, Eduard Moser Comms
69 VHDL Modelling Guidelines P. Sinander Comms
70 The VHDL Cookbook Peter J. Ashenden Informatik
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