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Algorithms and Data structure Free Books

You can access the eBooks in either PDF and/or HTML format available for free download on this website.

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# Book Name Book Author(s) Book Publisher
1 Programming from the Ground Up GNU GNU
2 Matters Computational Ideas, Algorithms, Source code Jorg Arndt Jorg Arndt
3 Global Optimization Algorithms :Theory And Application Thomas Weise Thomas Weise
4 Algorithms And Data Structures Niklaus Wirth Niklaus Wirth
5 Data Structures And Algorithms John Morris John Morris
6 Data Structures Dave Mount Dave Mount
7 Sorting And Searching Algorithms Thomas Niemann Thomas Niemann
8 Efficient Algorithms For Sorting And Synchronization Andrew Tridgell Andrew Tridgell
9 Algorithms and Complexity Herbert S. Wilf Herbert S. Wilf
10 Handbook Of Algorithms And Data Structures Gaston H.Gonnet, Ricardo Baeza Yates Gaston H.Gonnet, Ricardo Baeza Yates
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